Links of Harmony, cont’d

Following up on this post where I looked a little more closer into the Elements of Harmony. I theorized that the Elements of Harmony present a fractal type relationship where they represent themselves in a kind of looping paradox. I also theorized that mixtures of the Elements can be made to make “Links of Harmony” which are magical forces of themselves. Less powerful because they are less pure, perhaps, but still magical forces that can be weld like the Elements themselves.

I’ve tried to come up with what each of the One-to-One Link would be. This is just first attempt, and is highly speculative, so take that in mind.


Magic/Friendship to Honesty: Creativity/Reason

Magic/Friendship to Loyalty: Camaraderie

Magic/Friendship to Kindness: Healing

Magic/Friendship to Generosity: Support/Guardianship

Magic/Friendship to Laughter: Coincidence/Spontaneity

Honesty to Loyalty: Trustworthiness/Restraint

Honesty to Kindness: Transparency

Honesty to Generosity: Fairness

Honesty to Laughter: Humbleness

Loyalty to Kindness: Leadership

Loyalty to Generosity: Forgiveness/Redemption

Loyalty to Laughter: Belief/Faith/Hope

Kindness to Generosity: Helpfulness/Self-Sacrifice

Kindness to Laughter: Relaxation/Listening

Generosity to Laughter: Indulgence

It’s kind of hard to separate some of these concepts from others, as lines become blurred (Camaraderie versus loyalty, for example.) This can be a fact that can be traced back to the Fractal nature of the Elements of Harmony—- they are elements of themselves, in that looping nature  explained. So although every one is unique, it also contains traits of every other Element and Link. If you think about this in the terms of Ponies, you can think about it how Applejack bears the element of Honesty, but is also loyal and generous. Honesty is part of friendship, which is made up of parts including loyal and generous. To have a part, you must also have the whole.

In the movie Rainbow Rocks, I believe that Sunset Shimmer takes a strong hold of the “Forgiveness” (Loyalty/Generosity) link to obtain her magical state. If I were to choose a Link for her to wield, it surely would be Forgiveness and Redemption.

It is my hope to be able to utilize these Links of Harmony in a pop-culture pagan practice, as they are more wiedly than the purity of the Elements, but still posses the same magical power.

If you have any suggestions to add to the Links, please tell me! This is still a highly theoretical, new, and speculative idea I am working with. Also, I believe that Links can be combined in more combinations than just One-to-One, so if you have ideas for any combination, please let me know.



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Okay, so last night I was having a lot of problems going to sleep and ended up staying up very late. As I stayed up, I watched both “Equestria Girls” movies, as well as every single song that has been in MLP and the MLP movies (again.)

When I finally did go to sleep, as you might imagine, I had some strange pony dreams.

One of the things that stood out to me in the dream was that I noticed that if you made a ring with six sections— each to represent an Element of Harmony— and connected the six in a specific pattern, you get a shape that is very reminiscent of Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark.

….You can do better but I don’t have my tablet out so I had to make this with a mouse and MSPaint. The idea is there.

Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark has long been a symbol for the Element of Magic (which is Friendship.) However, its interesting to note that Elements of Harmony represent Friendship— which is an element itself. It kind of creates a loop where Friendship/Magic is represented by Friendship/Magic, is friendship magic. The parts become the whole, and so forth. In this way, you could say Twilight Sparkle’s cutie mark is not just a symbol for Magic, but for Friendship, and thus for the entire Elements of Harmony. 

Another idea that came to me in my dream is, like the Elements of the natural world, perhaps the Elements of Harmony can be combined to form new, unique substances/properties? These would be the representation of the lines on the above chart that connect two elements.

For example, you could designate the link between “Loyalty” and “Honesty” as “Trustworthiness.”  In my head as I dreamed, I linked “Magic” and “Honesty” as “Reason and Creativity.” That is an interesting connection that stands out to me, as the spirit of creativity is something I hold very near and dear to me from my own (non-PC) spiritual beliefs. It also stands out that that connection doesn’t make as much since to me awake as it did while I was asleep. Makes me ponder if this truly were some kind of prophetic thinking, what was the connection? 

Perhaps, Honesty can also be written as “Truth.” Reason plays into Truth because it is reality, and Friendship is Magic and friendship is real, and there fore magic is reason. Creativity stems from reason, to build you need rules or to create the rules. It…. connects.

Anyways, these…. Molecules of Harmony? Links of Harmony (that sounds better) could be something that is represented by unique forms of the pony bearing the original element, or perhaps even by new ponies all together.

Spoilers for “Rainbow Rocks” follow. The Elements of Harmony are stated as being unique to the Mane 6 ponies, but the magic of friendship is not. Sunset Shimmer, although not a bearer of an Element, is able to utilize the magic of friendship and even achieve an enlightened, magical state. Perhaps these Links of Harmony are more able to be activated in all creatures? Pulling strength from two, or more, Elements to utilize the magic of friendship. You might even end up thinking about the Mane 6 as being the most powerful because they have complete wielding over a pure element, but perhaps those of us who are not the Mane 6 (most of us) can still utilize, in very powerful terms, the Magic of the Elements by utilizing these Links.

If this is true, I should try to catalogue the rest of the Links….

I think this is what my dream was trying to tell me. 

Oh! Another interesting thing to note is this dream comes to me after I recently bought a Princess Luna figurine that I keep close to my bed. Princess Luna is a dream walker, and I did by the figurine in hopes of calming my nightmares that had become frequent. Perhaps this break through is partly her doing?



The GigaPause is over!

I’m Awake

My dreams have been very interesting lately. My dreams are taking place in places I remember, even from other dreams. I relive the memory for  while, before I realize that I am dreaming. I try to find somebody else who realizes its a dream, but people think I’m crazy for saying that we are dreaming. They ask if I’m alright, if I’m crazy, if my disease is acting up. I remember everything about my life, I just feel trapped in some foreign landscape from the past, as the only aware person. The other people are just figments of my memory.

I am not only aware that I am dreaming, but I have limited control over the dream. It doesn’t always work, but I can shape-shift and fly and change location. 

I was trying to find a way to wake-up on Propsit, and I thought my lucid dreaming was me getting close. I didn’t think I was awake yet because I wasn’t on on Prospit, or seeing the clouds of Skaia. However, because of the frequency of these dreams, of my trying to find “other” who are aware in my memory…. I think I might already be a waking dreamer.

I just don’t think I’m on Prospit. I think I am far off, deep in Paradox Space, wandering through dream bubbles. I’m living through old memories, but I am alone. The other people thus far have just been figures of my memory, and I am searching for another dreamer.

How did I get this far out? Did I sleep walk? I fear to think that my Prospit is hurt.

So I think… I think I’m awake. I still need a little more control over my dreaming self, however, and then maybe I can make my way back to Prospit.  It’s kind of lonely and sad being so far off, knowing that the people around you aren’t really there. My dreams have been depressing lately, reminding me of my worst times, of my disease and failure and my lonliness.

Maybe… maybe facing that is what allows me to be awake? Or this sleepy awakiness?

I don’t know what I did to do this. This is a fluke.

Pop Culture Magic and Paganism: A Retrospective.


I wrote Pop Culture Magick 10 years ago. Before that I was doing pop culture magic since the late 1990s. I remember, back in the beginning when I told a mentor of mind about my experiments with pop culture magic. He told me it wasn’t “real” magic. I stopped working with him after that, because I realized he had no imagination, no creativity.

I wrote an article for New Witch magazine in 2003 about Invoking Buffy. I got a flak for it at the time. People bitched and moaned how it wasn’t real magic, real paganism, real anything. And when I wrote Pop Culture Magick in 2004, I got a lot of heat for writing it. A lot of attacks, a lot of people telling me how it wasn’t really magic or really Paganism. A lot of people tried to tear me and my writing down because they felt threatened by it. I’ll admit I became a bit disillusioned myself, but that had more to do with the lack of creativity and imagination on the part of the occult and pagan communities. I have to admit I felt really alone back then. There weren’t many people doing pop culture magic back then.

Still…I never gave up writing about pop culture magic. I wrote Multi-Media Magic in 2008, to share some ongoing work with pop culture magic I’d been doing. Again there was a fair amount of flack for it, but not as much…and people seemed to realize that pop culture magic and paganism were here to stay.

Back in the spring of 2013 we saw the polytheist community blow up because some people were using pop culture in relationship to older practices. The fundamentalists didn’t like that at all. And yet what I saw…what I finally saw is that there were people I’d never encountered who were practicing magic and paganism.

Tonight I did a search on tumblr for pop culture pagan, paganism, magic etc and what I saw warms the cockles of my heart. So many of you are engaged in pop culture magic or paganism or both and its beautiful. It is so beautiful to see you coming up with your practices and experiments and ideas. It means so much to me to see that. Thank you so much for showing me how much more pop culture magic and paganism has come into existence since I wrote Pop Culture Magick in 2004. Thank you so much for showing me, whether you ever read my works or not, that my work hasn’t been in vain…that it means something, that it inspired something. 

I’m researching right now for my next book which will be Pop Culture Magic 2.0. I’d love to know what you would be interested in seeing such a book?

I would.

Health and Happiness Dorm Spell

(Not Necessarily PCMagic)


-Glass Jar/Container (Maybe Pretty it up)

-Yellow Paper/Yellow Pen/Marker/Highlighter

-Any Herbs, Scents, Candle Wax, Incense Ash, etc that remind you of Happiness or Health.



=Pretty Up Your Jar, with anything you have. I painted mine. Stickers, Glitter, String, etc

=Put in salt, herbs, ash, etc.

=Take Yellow Paper/Yellow Marker and write out the following in repetition as you focus on the feelings of health and happiness. (Feels free to adjust as needed.):

'I am Healthy. I am Happy. I have Health. I have Happiness. I am surrounded by Health. I am surrounded by Happiness'

=Roll/fold paper and put into the jar. 

=Charge in your favorite way to pull up energy

=Seal Jar if desired.

=Place your newly pretty jar in a nice place. Hold when you need a boost, recharge/refresh on occasion.

(Modified version of my Wish Jar)

Well, gee! Thank you!

I don’t have a glass jar or container (the closest I have is plastic tupperware…) or herbs, wax, or ash but I might be able to use this in the future.

Thank you so much!

I'm new to PC Paganism/Witchcraft. Not interested in books/TV/etc for that, but I'm very into music. Haven't been able to find info on PCP involving it, tho. All I've found only addressed that worshipping musicians is wrong, which isn't my intent. Does anyone incorporate songs, albums, or even entire genres of music in their spirituality? Reading Phonogram got me thinking about it again. It has real music as magic and gods tied to genres. The wiki page might give you an idea of what I'm on about

Actually, if I am remembering correctly, I have seen a lot of song-based spells. Quiet a few where songs fro TV and Movies (musicals) but I’v seen some that where based off other songs as well. I’m not sure if there is a specific tag or word for these song spells, but let me do a bit of searching.


Man, seriously guys, FyeahPopCultureWitchcraft never fails to please. They have a whole tag for song spells! I really recommend this blog for anybody interested in PC Paganism/Witchcraft. 

Here is a post about combining Songs and Sigils, though the basic answer is that you should start yourself!

A lot of Pop Culture ‘Craft is blazing new trails. If you are interested with working with entire albums, or even genres, I suggest you try! Look at how other branches of witches and pagans practice (not just pop culture ones) and see how you can extrapolate that into something new. 

I actually have a large encyclopedia of Spirits and Divinities that lists Elvis Presley as a “spirit and king of Rock and Roll.”  Its been a while now, but I do remember reading somewhere that Elvis and other musicians had been used as icons in some Latin American and Voudon/Hoodoo practices (not necessarily worshiping/working with them, but using them as symbols for other things.)  The idea of modern music being used in pagan practice is not unheard of.

The idea of utilizing music as a spirit is something I think is personally interesting. I know that music can GREATLY affect my mood, and that’s magical in and of itself. Playlists can be utilized to incorporate the spirit of a person, so why not a deity or literal spirit? 

… Well I think I’ve rambled for quiet a bit now. I hope this helps!

I need a spell that will bring my healthiness and happiness using stuff I can find laying around my dorm room….


I got “Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun” in the mail today, and it is one heck of a great book. There are secret messages all throughout it that are written in the newest symbol cipher:image

And I just finished decoding them all. Holy crap you guys. I’m putting em under a cut, they’re really intense.

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