Hi! I've been reading up on pcp and it seems like something I want to get involved with, but I have a question: The beings I want to work with tend to be one or two per fandom rather than wanting to work with everyone in just one fandom. Is there a problem with making a pantheon from many different groups, or should I just pick one?

I don’ think there is anything wrong with wanting to work with a few select characters from different sources!  You may not be able to make them work together, because they are unfamiliar, or maybe you will. 

I know that working with a few characters from across sources is done by a lot of PCPs already. I would encourage you to try!

Hello! If I were looking to work Thorin, Fili and Kili from The Hobbit, how could I go about doing this? What sort of items could I put on an altar for them? And do you happen to know any PC pagans that work with them already? Thank you so much! Have a great day :)

I have never read the Hobbit or seen the movie, so I can’t answer any of your questions, but I do know of a blog that uses Tolkein’s lore for PC Paganism. They are TolkienPCP and I would highly recommend you check them out!


Working hard to build up an inventory here.. all but Pichu are still available!



Song of Skaia is fantastic for work with, well, Skaia itself, as well as the Sburb gods in general. Add it to your playlist!

You can buy Song of Skaia, as well as two other songs by the same artist, for just a dollar here! They are all great songs for meditating.


The Potential.by Burnt Green Tea.


The Potential.
by Burnt Green Tea.

I seem to have started a trend in the naming of eshrines…. neat!

Homestuck Pagan Directory!


This is a directory for pagans and witches who use Homestuck as a basis for magic or spirit work. If you are a Homestuck pagan on tumblr, please add your URL to this post! If you have an E-Shrine dedicated to Homestuck character or concept, please add this here too. I am trying to make a list of Homestuck Pagan resources and shrines on my page, Leijondevout.

If you are open to taking questions about your practice or helping new comers to the community, add a “!!” to your link. For E-shrines, please name what the shrine is dedicated to, in general.

And remember— check out the Homestuck Pagan tag!

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Any homestuck pagans have ideas for honoring Lil Hal?

The first thing that I thought of was getting some wire, or pipe cleaners, or some kind of crafting material and making a little body for him. A body seemed like his biggest desire. 

Other things you could use is offering a pair of shades, a bag of Doritos, maybe a hat…..


I’ve been drawn to witchcraft and paganism my entire life, but never quite found a way that fit me—until now. THANK YOU @halloweenpunkaesthetic , your reboots of PCP were the first time I’d seen it and it really resonates well with me!

From your URL and avatar, might I suggest looking through the #homestuck pagan tag, and checking out witchcraftstuck!

I’m glad you have found something that resonates with you!


This resource list is constantly being added to and edited for accuracy. Let me know if you’ve made a post that you’d like included in the page, or if you’d like your blog listed under the blog section!